Gatter Architects designed this small farm to table restaurant in 2006.

The existing building was a service station in a small town in Columbia County New York. The existing openings at the Main Street elevation were filled with new double glazed overhead doors that use a system of motorized screens to open the interior to the outside during warm months. A new polished concrete floor provides for radiant heat of the space . A mixture of walnut and steel is used to create the new bar and tables, while a large curtain and floating ceiling panels make the space more acoustically friendly.

A large landscape  painting was commissioned to further create a warm interior. A new outdoor patio was created and is shielded from the street by a series of planters. Large sheets of twin wall polycarbonate are used to cover existing windows that remained to support energy efficiency as well as to shield the views into neighboring houses. A grid on the west facing exterior elevation is planted with vines to provide additional shading during the cooling season.

The renovation was awarded a Citation for Excellence from the Columbia County Historical Society in 2011.