This 1900 Square foot house was completed in 2004.  It is located on a fairly flat piece of land in  Germantown, New York. The clients requested an affordable house that could accommodate studios for both husband and wife.  The main block on the building is a fairly open plan ending in a screen porch.  Corner windows open the room out in to the surrounding landscape.   The house is entered by a space formed by the main block of the house and the two story studio volume. The studio spaces are located a half level below and above the main level, providing for a sense of privacy from the main living spaces and taking advantage of a slight level change in the site.  Slab on grade construction not only made the house more affordable but also allowed for seamless access to the exterior grade.  The major openings on the first floor are oriented toward the rear yard, providing privacy from the street and offering best orientation in terms of the winter sun.